Our Story

"I have always been intrigued by the balance of nature and science".

The yin and the yang I guess! With a scientific background, I had the skills to formulate my own range, to identify the benefits of certain botanicals and to create skincare which is as luxurious as it is effective."

Throughout my travels, I searched for natural skincare which spoke to my skin, feeding it with the nutrients I knew it needed for a clear, dewy and glowing appearance. I have Asian skin which is complex and to be truthful, quite needy too! As I matured, I found it harder and harder to find products which catered specifically for asian complexions and featured the botanicals I knew it required. On one journey to China, I saw so many natural skincare ranges produced in Australia. But whilst this was enticing for me, I found that the constant focus on tea tree oils, without much else wasn't right for my kind of skin at all.

There was no specific range which did what my skin was craving using the natural ingredients I knew would work best. Nothing seemed to deliver the results I desired in a luxe and natural way. And so, with a little imagination and a pinch of inspiration,

I started to create my own. The textures, the scents, the freshness of what I worked hard to create were pretty, soothing and brought me the vibrant skin I had been yearning for. So I started to share - I made small batches for other women I knew,

who fell in love with them instantly - and so, the adventure began.

I look forward to sharing these products with you and celebrating your natural beauty.

x Mandy